New Kids on the POT

Hey y’all! Thanks for stopping by!

You may recall that our daughter Rachel, her husband  Jose’ and baby Mariana (our Granddaughter, YAY!) moved in with us last year. We had an extra room with an adjoining bathroom that would work out pretty good for them. While the bedroom didn’t need a ton of work, the bathroom was horrible.

It all started long, long…ago…in the late 70’s, when Mom’s parents moved in with us. Dad built a large addition that gave us a Jack and Jill utility room (washers, dryers, freezers, water heaters) the rest was one big room, including a kitchenette, living space, and room for their bed (like an efficiency apartment) and an adjoining bathroom. After my Grandparents died they divided the room in two. It became a large living room (remodeled) and a smaller office space with an exterior door, which now opens onto the back porch. This is the kid’s bedroom.

Then, there was that bathroom.

It had not changed since it was built.

Except the carpet had been changed from blue to red.

The red carpet. #what’sthatsmell?

The sink wall was peeling, the shower door was leaking, there was mirrored tile over the sink, I could go on, and did I mention the red carpet? Everything in there was SO outdated. Dad was the only one to use it, and he didn’t care, LOL. He and Mom had already updated the rest of the house and I think he was just done, y’know?

We knew that before the kids moved in, we had to give it a quick makeover.

We did it in two weeks.

Mainly we needed to remove the carpet, the sink, medicine cabinet, the wallboard around the sink and shower area (replumb shower and sink) install new vinyl plank flooring, everything else, and other odds and ends.

I knew we’d find exterior Dutchlap siding behind the wallboard, since it was an addition and we hoped that the siding could be used as our wall covering. But, we found a window opening instead. So, we had to work with what we had.

Now the fun begins.
My sister drew this when it was closed up. Nice, Brenda!

We decided to put new paneling wherever we removed wallboard and use the siding as wainscoating topped with chair rail.

We scrounged up as much material as we could here, and then went shopping for the rest.

We think it turned out WAY cool!

We even had a mirror that LeAnn painted.
I made a future plumbing access panel #clever!


We even added new lighting over the sink with a dimmer switch.

I hope you like our little makeover!

Have you done a small makeover? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!

See y’later,


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