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Peaks, Valleys, Springs and Bends

Forward (by monte)

When I was drafting this post, Dillon asked if he could read it and I said, “Sure.” But then he started making changes. I was hesitant at first, but he ended up really impressing me with the changes in the writing he made. So this writing is a father son collaboration. Photo creds go to LeAnn.

This past October, our family took a trip down to Chinati Hot Springs Resort in Presidio, TX to remember our friend who had passed away. We spent a couple days with some of his family, extended family, and friends to honor his wishes of scattering some of his ashes.

Memories were shared and made. Everyone enjoyed our time together surrounded by the beautiful desert landscape.



Since it was October, the swimming pool was quite cold. Dillon loved it! It sits on a hill looking over the resort.

The views from the pool are amazing! We all enjoyed it.


This is hot springs bath. It was really hot! This is where we did a lot of  socializing.

The general store and airport near the springs boasts the most remote bar in Texas. We can believe it!

Afterwards, we visited Alpine, TX where we stayed at the Holland Hotel, an historic boutique hotel (purportedly haunted) where our friend had worked alongside his wife.  Their rooms are immaculate and full of character. The lobby and courtyard are stunning. They also have a popular fine dining restaurant with amazing food and a bar that is great for meeting people.

There, we had a “little” project to help with.

We were to take this handmade pool table to another room. It took two days to dismantle it, move it, and put it back together.

That’s the most we could disassemble it and we learned a lot about how pool tables are built. #newskill

This table was so heavy that it cracked some of the floor tiles. It also took five brains and four strong backs to figure out how to maneuver it through two doors.

LeAnn took a break because she got invited to Hogwarts. (The hotel was decorating for their annual Harry Potter Halloween party, unfortunately we couldn’t stick around for it.)

We commandeered a luggage cart.

The table looks awesome in its new room!

The next day, on our way to Big Bend, we stopped by the local Target with really good service and everyone was so nice.  We’re glad there was a shopping cart. We needed it.

The Rio Grande. A beautiful view!

The views here were breathtaking, but it was VERY windy and cold.

We also saw a few donkeys roaming around.

This is an abandoned resort at Big Bend Hot Springs. Also known as Boquillas Hot Springs.

Can you spot the Dillon?

Ancient rock art. (Kinda looks like aliens…)

You can even soak in a hot springs bath right on the Rio Grande.

There was a fossil exhibit in the area with some really cool exhibits. Check out the Pterosaur on the ceiling!

This was our second family trip to Big Bend. We loved it each time. If you haven’t been, it makes a great getaway. We like to go in the summer when it’s less crowded. The heat is not as bad then to us as it is at home.

Have you been to Big Bend? If so, comment below on your favorite place.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

Monte and Dillon


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