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You’re Gettin’ Nothin’ For Christmas

Rarely are our projects completed without a hitch, but our deliveries have always gone smoothly. Well, up until this time, when our client’s Christmas was left hanging in the balance…

This Summer we picked up an old gun cabinet from one of our favorite clients. It had belonged to her husband’s Grandfather. It had been well used through the years and had great sentimental value.

Our client thought that a great Christmas gift for her husband would be if we repaired it, added some shelves to one side, and refinished it all. It also had a worn piece of plexiglass on the door and I would look into replacing it with new glass.

So we stopped by, had a brief consultation with her and took it with us. Plenty of time until Christmas…Right????

We took the cabinet home and put it into queue behind more pressing projects.

Summer passed, followed by a quick Autumn. And with plenty of time until Christmas, I take it into the shop to get started.

After about an hour in the shop, I’m forced to ask myself, “Why do my projects ALWAYS end up taken completely apart??”

But, after taking it completely apart, it was easy to sand all of the pieces and so very soon, I set about designing the shelves.

Then LeAnn helped me and we hammered out the dimensions and final design.

After that, I just had to get the supplies and put it all together.

The design changed a few times during construction which is typical. As projects progress, I get new ideas, things may not look right, and the design always seems to evolve on its own.

I got a new piece of 1/4″ glass (that was really heavy) and installed it in the door, along with a new lock.

Once it was completed, I sent it over to the studio for LeAnn to finish it. At this point, Christmas was getting close…

LeAnn tried a couple of stains, and finally settled on a finish after a quick Messenger consult with our client. After a few days, as LeAnn was closing in on finishing up the clear coats, some major life events forced us to stop work for a few days.

I was able to jump in and eventually finish the clear coats and I also attached felt to the gun barrel notches and the bottom interior shelf with days to spare.

We finished in time!!! At this point I’d LOVE to say that we delivered it without a hitch and our client loved it…However. That was not the case.

We arrived at our client’s house on December 22nd to drop it off. She loved it!!!! We were showing it to her on her front porch, we unlocked the door and showed her the inside. She loved it all and was so excited!!!!

So we lean it on its side to carry it in. We make it through the door and are about to stand it up when the door, (which was no longer locked) flew open and slammed into the floor.

Remember when I said I put really heavy, 1/4″ glass in the door? Well, the glass survived, but it was so heavy that it splintered the door on two corners.

LeAnn started crying and I was in shock. All I could do was say, “I can fix it…I can fix it…” While inside I was bawling.

(I can’t say enough about the kindness of our client. She never got upset, or mad, or frustrated, she just felt bad for LeAnn and hugged her while she was crying. She only smiled and said that she knew we could fix it. Her living room was full of our work.)

So, with all the composure I could muster, we loaded it back up and took it to my shop.

We somehow put it all back together and glued it up with my best wood glue.

The next morning, I removed the clamps and found that it had worked!!! LeAnn helped me get off all the glue, lightly sand the areas that had to be sanded, and we refinished it that day. (I should also mention that I discovered Bondo takes stain just like wood before it’s completely dry).

The night of the 23rd we asked if we could bring it to our client on Christmas Eve. She was obviously shocked (as were we) and so on Christmas Eve morning, we reinstalled the glass and put on just a bit more clear coat. We arrived at our client’s house, wrapped the cabinet in shrink wrap, (a new tradition for us) and her husband helped me carry it in.

They just LOVED it!!! I helped him move it in and he immediately loaded his guns into it. We left breathing a big “WHEW!!!!”

Our own little Christmas miracle!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read!!!

And thanks SO much to our sweet client for her compassion and understanding.

See y’later,


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