Walking in Memphis

This Summer we wanted to adventure somewhere new to us, and we decided on Memphis, Tennessee. LeAnn had been there when she was a kid, but I’d never been to Tennessee. (I’ve been trying to add more states to my visited list)

It was only a 5 1/2 hour drive away, so it would be an easy trip. I looked around for an interesting place to stay and I found the Big Cypress Lodge located inside the Bass Pro Shops in the Memphis Pyramid.

Since it was rather pricey, I only booked a two night’s stay.

When we got into Memphis, it was lunchtime, so we HAD to get some Barbecue. We chose the famous Central BBQ. It did not disappoint!!! It was packed, but we found a table, and sat down to a HUGE order of delicious fresh potato chips and I had the ribs which were AWESOME!!!!

We left there and drove over to the pyramid. I wasn’t prepared for the size of this thing.

The store inside is so cool as it’s set up like a cypress swamp with lodges and is incredible!!!!

We found our room on the second level and I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the nicest room I’ve ever stayed in.

Most rooms have a privacy screened balcony equipped with rocking chairs and a view of the swamp and the world’s tallest freestanding elevator in the center.

The elevator, called the Sky High Ride, takes you up 28 stories to the observation level and the Lookout restaurant which has an amazing view.

Our booking included tickets for the elevator ride which are normally $10 per adult $5 – $10 for children without a room.

After settling into our room, we thought it was a good time to ride up to the top.

You know me and my sweet tooth, I found some fudge on the way, LOL!!

The observation deck gives an incredible view of Memphis and across the Mississippi River to Arkansas.

That evening we tried out the bowling alley inside the store.

While the bowling alley looked so cool, I’m sorry to say that it was so glitchy that the uninterested staff got tired of resetting it and we didn’t really enjoy it. But, of course we didn’t complain and went next door to Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl & Grill.

The decor inside Uncle Buck’s is as cool as the rest of the place, but unfortunately, the service was not very good. We only got drinks when we were halfway through our meal and our server was hardly seen. The food was mediocre at best, so I’m sorry, but I can’t recommend eating there.

However, our stay in the room was awesome and they even left us a basket with cookies, popcorn, and bottled water. They also left Dillon four little rubber ducks.

The next morning we went to check out the world famous Beale Street, “Home of the Blues.” If you love Blues Music, you’ll love Beale street. You can hear music in the clubs, browse through the shops, and try the restaurants.

We listened to some live music and I had a Guinness at Silky O’Sullivan’s while watching the Irish Diving Goats play. (FYI: After having a Guinness in Dublin I can safely that “Guinness doesn’t travel well”, LOL, But it’s still my favorite)

Later, we explored some more of the town.

That evening we went exploring around town and had dinner at Texas de Brazil, one of my favorite places to eat. They keep bringing different grilled meats to your plate until you flip your chip from green to red. I’m always ready to explode when I leave there!!

After that we took the short drive back to the lodge and went up the elevator again.

The glass floor can be a bit unsettling.

The next day we were gonna head down to LeAnn’s hometown, Greenville, Mississippi, to visit her Grandparents. It wasn’t a long drive at all, so we went to the Memphis Zoo before leaving town.

The zoo was really cool and we got to see Pandas up close!!!

The zoo was awesome and I totally recommend visiting it!!

We stayed that night with LeAnn’s Grandparents and went exploring around Greenville.

Greenville is known for farming and is in the heart of Mississippi Delta. The area is also known for the Blues and there is a B.B. King Museum in his nearby hometown of Indianola.

We also went to the tower overlooking the Mississippi River at Warfield Point Park.

On the way home we made the very short drive to the Jim Henson Museum in Leland, his hometown.

I was excited to cross the impressive new bridge over the Mississippi.

About halfway home, we stopped in Monroe, Louisiana to have supper at Willie’s Duck Diner. The food was great!!!

We also stopped in for a photo at this famous sign.

We had a super time in Memphis and I definitely recommend it for a nice getaway!!! My only regret was not getting to tour the National Civil Rights Museum. (It was closed) They have the actual bus where Rosa Parks made her heroic stand.

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read!!! Let me know your favorite places in Memphis!!!

See y’later,


*This is not a sponsored post.*

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  1. It was a great little road trip. Most people visit Graceland (Elvis Presley’s home) when they visit Memphis but I had already been there many years ago and the “Boys” wearn’t really interested. There is lots of other cool stuff to do.

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