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“Atomic Betty”

I was scrolling through the Facebook Marketplace when I saw this dresser.

That Hardware!!!

I instantly fell in love with it, so I sent a message saying I wanted it. I didn’t know what condition it was in but it didn’t really matter because I was gonna save it. Turns out it needed some work…

As for the title of the post, Atomic Betty, when we take off hardware, we put it in containers, usually old plastic food containers. Then we label it with a nickname so we can know at a glance which is which.

The hardware made me think Atomic Era furniture, so I named it Atomic Betty.

We moved it into my shop where I discovered that it was really falling apart, which meant that I needed to break it down.

After I broke it down, I repaired and replaced all of the missing pieces on the carcass and sturdied it up. Then I used Bondo to repair places that were missing veneer.

When I started on the drawers, I found that all of them needed repairing and some of them were coming completely apart. (See my post on repairing drawers here).

So I set about gluing and clamping. (See my video on clamps here).

I had drawers EVERYWHERE!!!

But, I got it rebuilt and all the drawers working properly. Then it was time to finish it.

It took a couple weeks for us to decide on colors for this piece and our decision meant that I needed to strip the old paint from the top three drawers and the four drawers behind the doors.

They cleaned up really well and we picked a stain. We chose MinWax Fruitwood, topped off with Minxax Semi Gloss Polyurethane.

We then painted the inside of the carcass and back with regular white paint, while the outside and all surfaces of the drawers got a high gloss pure white.

I then buffed the old finish from the hardware, primed it, and painted it with Rustoleum metallic gold.

We were really happy with the end result!!!

We went to a thrift store and found some retro looking vases and LeAnn painted them in vibrant colors with Rustoleum spray paint for staging our photos. She even found a canvas at the thrift store and painted a really cool piece of artwork. I cut a piece of Twisted Willow to go in one of the vases.

This GORGEOUS piece is now like brand new inside and out and is currently available for purchase. Until then, we get to store it in our bedroom where we can enjoy looking at it until we find her a new home.

Definitely a labor of love, it was so worth all of the work to save that beauty. I hope this inspires you to not pass up that piece you love just because it’s seen better days. Get in there, take it one step at a time. Watch How To videos if you get stuck or even drop me a line. I’m always ready to help someone.

Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read.

See y’later,


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