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Repurposed Vintage Vanity Sides Into Night Stands

An old friend, for whom we’d done some other work, contacted us about their night stands. Salvaged from a barn (or some other kinda rough storage), they were two halves of a vanity that he’d done a really quick makeover on when they were rushed for time.

Not knowing exactly what they wanted, we went to their beautiful home for a consultation. We could see that antique white, distressed paint with dark wax would really compliment their dark wood bed and off white trim in their bedroom.

Trusting us, they said, “Go for it!!”

We kinda thought we’d do a quick makeover. I reinforced the tops, that were loose and sent them to LeAnn for the rest.

Turning them upside down to clean them inside and out, she decided that they needed painting inside and out to make them fresh again.

LeAnn also brightened up the pulls with some gold metallic wax.

LeAnn did an AMAZING job with them and our friends were very happy with them!!

Now we are in the process of refreshing a French Provincial Dresser we picked up to coordinate with the night stands.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!!!

See y’later,