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Our Story

Hi! We’re Monte & LeAnn Thames and we’ve been making, restoring, painting, and repurposing furniture and home decor since 2012.

 I spent over a decade in business management until mental illness forced me to change professions. I’m a disabled veteran diagnosed with PTSD, Severe Anxiety and Depression. So I’m a mess sometimes and LeAnn can tend to have her hands full. She is my rock.

Having a background in carpentry from an earlier career, I was able to transition to furniture fairly easily.

LeAnn was in the banking industry for many years, but has now found a calling with designing and finishing our projects.

We live in my childhood home, which has now, seen five generations to live in it, including our 11 year old son, our daughter, son-in-law, and our beautiful new granddaughter.

My Mom lives behind us in a cute cottage.

We work from our home, with me using my Dad’s shop, and we’ve transformed the old two car garage into LeAnn’s studio.

On our page, you’ll find examples of our work in the Gallery, and in the blog, you”ll find anything from our work, our travels, the events in our life, to my (and LeAnn’s) journey to face my illness and begin to heal.

I’ll be sharing very personal struggles, but if at least one person learns from my mistakes, seeks help, or just finds a little inspiration, then it will exceed my hopes for this page.

Thank you SO much for following along!!